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Golden Ears Counselling periodically offers groups and workshops for children, teens, adults, parents and professionals. Additionally, our therapists are available for consultation services in your home, your child’s school, or with professionals in the community.


Rates are based on suggestion from the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors and British Columbia College of Social Workers.

Standard session - $140

50 minute per session. Most popular session length. Allows for enough time to explore issues and work towards goals.

Extended Session -$210

75 minutes per session. Ideal for those who want more time to discuss and explore their concerns. This session length allows for additional tasks, such as goal setting, planning, or crisis intervention. Daytime appointments only.


Cash, debit, cheque, or Interac e-transfer payments are preferred. E-transfers can be sent to to info@goldenearscounselling.com. All other payments will be sent to the email used when you create an account. Clients also now have the option of storing their credit card on file, to be charged at the end of their session if preferred. Official receipts which include my registration number, are issued for all sessions. Receipts can be printed or emailed to you: your choice.


I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are charged a percentage of the cost of the session. Missed appointments are charged the full session fee. My priority is that families get the services they need. Money can be a complicated issue, so if needed we can have a conversation about payment beforehand. Here are some payment options.

Questions about Counselling

Will my child require medication?

Therapy can reduce the need for or the amount of medication in many cases. A decision about medication will depend on whether other interventions can be utilized first and on the opinion of a qualified medical professional such as a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychiatric nurse.

What if my child doesn't want to go?

Adolescents over the age of thirteen have the right to refuse treatment. Many teenagers are more relaxed about coming for a consultation session, and when they've done the first session, they're more willing to come again. Some teenagers are more willing if other family members agree to come with them for a family therapy session.

How can I nurture my child's mental health

You as a parent can do a lot to nurture your child’s mental, emotional, and physical development. Some of the key things that parents can do for their children to help their development and cultivate resiliency are to help children build strong, caring relationships with peers as well as trusted adults, especially a warm caregiving figure who they can turn to for help - usually this is a parent or close family member. Additionally, help children develop strong self-esteem, so that they can feel good about themselves, by demonstrating love and acceptance, recognize both efforts and achievements, help them set realistic goals and encourage their own problem-solving capabilities, as well as show active interest in learning about their interests and activities. For more information, please contact me.

Where is the office?

Free parking is available in the underground parking lot for the first 90 minutes. Take elevators to floor 3 and look for "Regus Office Space". Ask reception for Golden Ears Counselling.

Starting Out Package

Ideal for people just starting. Costs $500, includes one initial 75 minute session and three additional 50 minute sessions.

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